Verus has written a series of articles covering a wide breadth of topics that we find stray a bit from mainstream financial publications but are still very relevant and interesting to our clients.   The idea of these pieces is to provoke thought and healthy debates.
The articles cover themes that can be directly or indirectly relevant to investment management.  Verus publishes them with no regular frequency but rather produces them as interesting themes appear on its radar screen.  Many of these articles have been published in the main financial newspaper of Brazil “Valor”.
These opinion pieces are usually derived from something we at Verus have read, a common day occurrence, or a discussion we have had with a client, partner or friend. 

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Cuidado: acertar não garante ganhos Edição 6 dez/2011
Não fique triste se perdeu o IPO que subiu 50% Edição 5 jun/2011
Investidores = (Cotistas+Gestores)? Edição 4 abr/2011
Intenção e Reação Edição 3 mar/2011
O uso do "% do CDI" como medida de retorno. Edição 2 nov/2010
Escolha um número - O Jogo Edição 1 set/2010
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